Curtains & Backdrops

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Stage and Auditorium Curtains and Drapery

NorthEast Stage manufactures stage curtains for schools, theaters, performing arts centers, television studios, colleges, houses of worship, trade shows, corporate events, and concerts. We manufacturer in-house and have the capability to handle any size project from a small elementary school to the largest arena.

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Types of Theatre Curtains

Stage Curtains can be categorized into three types: proscenium curtains, masking curtains, and backdrops or cycloramas.


Theater Curtain Demo

Interactive curtain demo which displays and identifies curtain locations, curtain placement and curtain types.


Theatrical and Stage Curtain Fabrics and Colors

NorthEast Stage carries a variety of stage drapery fabrics and colors to accommodate any need, style, or budget.


Stage Curtain Color Demo

Interactive Stage Curtain Color Demo which displays a sample curtain in a variety of available colors.


Standard Stage Drapery Finishes

NorthEast Stage offers numerous curtain finishes with a variety of hems, linings, and fullness.


Stage Curtain Layouts

Stage curtains can be installed on stage in a number of different layouts.


Theater Curtain Tracks

NorthEast Stage carries a variety of stage drapery tracks to accommodate any size curtain of stage application.


Theater Drapery Care

Some tips on storage, cleaning, and maintenance of stage drapery.

Tips on How to Measure for Stage Curtains

Stage Curtain Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Stage Drapery and Stage Rigging Terms

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