Acoustic & Sound Absorbing Curtains

acoustic curtains or sound absorbing curtains

Acoustic Curtains and Sound Absorbing Curtains

Acoustic Curtains and Sound Absorbing Curtains are essentially sound absorbers used for control of reverberation or unwanted echo. These curtain panels can be installed as a static element, or hung on track.

Arrangement, fabric weight, lining, and fullness as well as spacing from reflective surfaces will all have an effect on the amount of absorption obtained.

Generally, it is recommended that these curtains be sewn with 100% fullness, and lined. Heavy weight velour, typically 25-32 oz. is recommneded.

Curtains are generally not used to stop noise transmissions. In cases where exacting acoustic absorption is required please consult a professional acoustic consultant.

However, in many circumstances, with careful planning, Acoustic Curtains or Sound Absorbing curtains can be a beautiful and elegant solution for your nightclub, black-box theatre, rehearsal space, performance space, House of Worship, or restaurant.

All of our Acoustic and Sound Absorbing Curtains are custom made on-site to your exact specifications to best suit your space.

For more information or to receive a quote on stage curtains please contact our sales department.

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