13.75 oz Nylon Puppet Fleece NFR - Just Peachy


Nylon puppet fleece is mostly used for puppet building and costume making. Also known as "Antron Fleece, puppet fleece" or "Muppet fleece," this is the same nylon fleece used by The Jim Henson Company, and professional puppet makers worldwide. Nylon puppet fleece is an invaluable material for any puppet builder due to its inherent, unique qualities. Unlike polyester fleece, "Antron" Fleece has a fuzzy pile, good stretch, excellent seam hiding capabilities, and is easy to dye consistently – it's why professional puppet builders and costume makers continue to rely on our nylon puppet fleece for their builds.

Just Peachy is a keen choice for any puppet that hopes to some day escape the hands of its creators and blend in with actual, living human beings. For pinker skin tones, try Blushy or Ham Solo.

All of our Antron Fleece is sourced from our friends at Georgia Stage.

Technical Specifications

  • Fabric Width: 56 in
  • Fabric Weight: 13.75 oz per linear yard
  • Flame Retardant: Non Flame Retardant (NFR)
  • Fiber Content: Nylon Proprietary Blend
  • Style: 1977 (Style 1977 has a matte finish.)
  • Available cut or in full rolls (approx. 40-55 yds)

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: To place an order outside of the United States or Canada please call us at 866-431-2201 or send an inquiry to info@northeaststage.com.

Qty Discounts = Partial Roll (1-49 yds) - Full Roll (50 yds)

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