Sharkstooth Scrim & Leno

sharkstooth scrim
Scrim also known as Sharkstooth Scrim, is an open weave material that is used to produce special effects on stage. If a scrim has a higher concentration of light on the front side, it appears opaque. If a scrim has a higher concentration of light on the back side it appears translucent. Because of this property, scrims are often used to produce a reveal. For instance, if an actor is in front of the set of an interior of a house, and he starts to remember a scene from his past, the set seems to dissolve so that you can see the scene played out right where the wall was. This affect is achieved with a painted scrim. Care should be taken on how close an object you wish to reveal is placed to the material. If it is too close, the object may be able to be seen before you want it to. Scrim may be painted with thin paint or dye, but it is important not to fill the holes. Scrim is available in a variety of widths and colors, the most common being black, white, and dark blue.

Leno or Filled Scrim, as it is sometimes called, is used as a lighting drop in which the color can be changed through the use of lighting. Television studios prefer this material because its texture adds boldness to the colors and this is well suited for camera.