Pipe and Drape

Northeast Stage is a leading manufacturer of pipe and drape for events, expos, exhibits, and tradeshows. Unlike our competition, all of our pipe and drape kits, pipe and drape uprights, pipe and drape bases, pipe and drape panels, are actually manufactured by us, by hand, in the U.S.A..  Shop our pipe and drape kits below and if you need a custom pipe and drape setup, email us or call us at 866-431-2201.

Pipe and Drape refers to a temporary metal structure designed to hang drapes. It is extremely popular beacuse of its many uses and it's a breeze to set up, take down, and transport. It remains the most cost effective, temporary solution to transform or define any space.

Standard components of pipe and drape are steel bases, which form the foundation of the structure; aluminum fixed or adjustable (telescoping) uprights, setting the height of the structure; telescoping (adjustable) drape supports, also known as crossbars, setting the width of the structure, and from which the drapes hang.

Pipe and Drape is an easy, fast, and portable way to create the look you need for any event.

If you need assistance in choosing the right pipe and drape solution for your specific needs, please contact us.